2023 Hunting Opportunity with SNS Outfitter and Guides

As the 2022 hunting season winds down, it’s natural to want to plan your next hunt. SNS Outfitter & Guides has been extremely busy booking our 2023 and 2024 hunting seasons. The trend the last few years has been for hunters to plan farther into the future when booking their hunts. This has caused many repeat SNS clients to be disappointed when they try to book a hunt and dates are full. In the hopes of avoiding any frustrations, we wanted to give everyone a clear cut picture of what we currently have available. Although most of our hunt dates have been filled for 2023, we do still have some options remaining. Here is a rundown of our available 2023 hunting opportunities.

2023 Black Bear:

Our Black Bear hunts are very high success and virtually every bear we take is a color phase black bear. The Box Y Lodge is a comfortable and beautiful cabin camp and is an amazing place to experience. Non hunters are welcome as this is a great vacation for a non hunting partner.

  • Spring Black Bear hunts: Openings: x1 May 8-12 and x3 May 22-26
  • Fall Black Bear hunts: Sold Out
  • Please Note: 2024 Fall Black Bear hunts: there is only 1 remaining opening.
  • Spring Black Bear hunts have multiple openings, however.  

2023 Pronghorn Antelope:

  • Town Trophy Antelope All 2023 town trophy antelope hunts have been filled but we are accepting bookings for these ever popular hunts in 2024 and 2025. 
  • Camp Trophy Antelope We have spots available for those of you with 4+ Wyoming preference points. (the number required to successfully draw) Dates available; 
    • September 15-17,  4 openings
    • September 18-20,  3 openings
    • September 21-23,  5 openings
  • Horseback Record Book Antelope These hunts require 5+ Wyoming preference points to draw. We have just a couple of these hunts left and availability will depend on your hunting party size. Call the SNS Office at 307-266-4229 for assistance booking this opportunity. 
    • Hunt dates are October 5-7
  • SNS’  Antelope Draw Program is perfect for those of you who have not started buying Wyoming Antelope Preference Points. This is your best chance at drawing a quality area and to go hunting with us in 2023.

2023 Mule Deer:

  • High Country Trophy Mule Deer These incredible hunting adventures will require 8+ points to draw a tag. There is a chance of drawing this tag in the random drawing. Call for the SNS Office for details. We take a very limited number of hunters per hunt.
    • September 15-19  
    • September 29-October 3rd
  • Town Trophy Mule Deer hunt. This is a great hunt on private property and a good use of your Wyoming Deer preference points. 
    • October 10-14,  2 openings

2023 Whitetail Deer: 

All of our 2023 Whitetail Deer Hunts have been filled. Please contact us ASAP to book the few remaining Whitetail hunts for fall 2024.

2023 Trophy Bull Elk:

We are now offering 3 outstanding Trophy Bull Elk hunts. At this time we do have very limited opportunities on each of our Elk hunts. These hunts require 4+ points in order to draw. Each of these hunting opportunities are rifle hunts and conducted from horseback, requiring good physical condition. Our 2022 season produced many 6 point Trophy class bulls. 

2023 has to offer: 

    • Hunt #7 Box Y Lodge  (4 or more points to draw)     October 21-25,  4 openings
    • Hunt #8 Wilderness Camp (4 or more points to draw)  October 17-21,  3 openings
    • Hunt #3 Private Land  (6 or more points to draw)  October 15-19,  2 openings

2023 Cow Elk:

Our Cow Elk hunts are selling at a very fast pace the last two years. The word is out about this unique hunting experience, the high success rates and who doesn’t want to feed their family high quality meat that they harvested themselves? 

  • Horseback Cow Elk hunts: We have multiple openings each date, taking a maximum of 8 hunters per week.
    • November 7-10
    • November 12-15  
    • November 17-20  
  • Cow Elk, hunting from the truck This is a great way to get your Elk hunting fix while you are building Wyoming Preference Points for Bull Elk hunt. These hunts are conducted in September with just 4 hunters per hunt. These are conducted from the camp featured on Hunt #2 on the website. Available dates are as follows:
    • September 26-29,  3 openings
    • October 14-17,  4 openings

Now is the time to plan your hunt with SNS Outfitter & Guides. These spots will fill up quickly so please do not delay! Call 307-266-4229 or send us an email with what species and hunt you are interested in. Let’s get you booked for a Wyoming Hunting Adventure in 2023 today!