Pack Your Layers for Fall Hunting with SNS Outfitter and Guides

Fall hunting — in both Wyoming and Montana — can mean variable weather and hunting conditions. With dynamic weather in mind, here are a few packing recommendations for those October and November hunts. First and foremost, you should pack layers. Layers are a critical element to hunting in the West. We typically experience cold mornings and warm afternoons, so having the ability to add (or shed) layers is key. In times of movement —  either when you’re hiking or on horseback — you’ll want to shed a layer because your body will generate heat. While sitting and stalking though, you’ll want to layer your gear to mitigate cooling down.

Secondly, pack to be prepared. Whether you’re hunting during one of our beautiful summer like days, or the weather dramatically shifts and begins to snow, having the proper gear is crucial. Suggested gear to pack: long johns, down jackets, rain gear, gloves, beanies, hats, extra ear warmers, second layer gloves, and be sure to have waterproof boots that are warm and practical. For that matter, having the correct footwear can be a game-changer. You want to be able to trek all day, without issue. Prior to heading to camp, make sure you’ve broken in your shoes and they’re ready for use.


Upon arrival, have your binoculars ready as well as your gun sighted in. Your guide will do a quick overview to make sure he or she feels confident with your shooting abilities. Your guide will also ensure that your gun is adequately set up for your hunt. If you have any specific “game day fuel,” we recommend that you pack that along as well.

That said, our camps will feed you two delicious and satisfying meals. We also have an assortment of lunch offerings to pack for your day of hunting. So long as you follow the above recommendations, you’ll be prepared for a great day in Wyoming! As a reminder, the weather here can be fairly unpredictable this time of year, so come prepared with your layers. Cheers, friends! Happy hunting.


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Packing with multiple layers