A Sign of the Times

The past 25 years the SNS crew has entered these doors, climbed this set of stairs and found themselves in the mecca of prime hunting happenings. The office has always been a showcase of our passion, dedication and success. A collection of mule deer and antelope mounts overlooked the front office, the entry wall was covered with award plaques and the hallway had been lined with photographs of fond memories of SNS’ 43 years. Guides used to swing by for their licenses, to check a map or simply to visit and strategize with SNS Outfitter, Sy.

As the new decade crept in however, so did plans to make some changes. January marked the end of climbing that flight of stairs into the SNS office. Today the space has been completely cleaned out. While at the moment the empty rooms have a distinct sentimental hue to them, our feelings of excitement are far stronger.

Sy remains in charge and available, overseeing the details from his home office in Casper. Ambrosia’s Lander office is now our “corporate headquarters”. It is the day of electronic files, mobile phones and maps on apps. Adapting and changing keeps SNS relevant and competitive!

While we may be making some changes, SNS clients will note our respect and commitment to the traditions of hunting will never falter. These modifications are simply our way of embracing the electronic world and remain accessible to you, the sportsman. You are already viewing this note via an online blog after all! 😉

So here’s to 2020! SNS is looking forward to remaining an elite hunting outfit in the new year and for many years to come!