Additional Fall Bear Hunts Added to the 2017 Schedule

There’s no doubt that black bear hunting is growing in popularity as more hunters realize the amount of opportunity available. Here at SNS Outfitter and Guides, we’ve received a growing number of calls and questions about fall bear hunts. In response, we’re adding an additional week to our fall bear hunting schedule.

Fall Bear Hunt

On our Black Bear Hunt Page (or if you look at Hunt 9 in the brochure), you’ll see two hunt dates listed: September 1st through the 5th and the 7th through 11th. Now, we have a third hunt available from September 15th through the 19th. But of course specific availability will continue to fill up. So please call us to find out where the latest openings are.

Our spring and fall bear hunts take place in the Greys River valley, south of Jackson, Wyoming. The Greys River is a scenic canyon and home to Wyoming’s largest concentration of black bears. This area produces mostly color-phase bears and because of the altitude, we rarely see rubbed hides. It’s truly the black bear hunting capitol of Wyoming.

Making things even better is the fact that our bear hunts take place at the wonderful Box Y Lodge, the only lodge along the Greys River. Hunters here enjoy private cabins, wonderful meals and great care from our staff and guides. Bear hunts provide plenty of down time for fishing, hiking and exploring the area. In fact, many of our spring and fall bear hunters bring a spouse or non-hunting companion.

Hunting this beautiful area of western Wyoming in early September is as good as it gets. If you’re interested in a fall bear hunt, please call us at 307-266-4229 for the latest availability. Or, you can contact us online.