An Antelope Hunter’s Photo Journal

Ever wonder what the experience is like, on a guided antelope hunt with SNS Outfitter and Guides? Here’s a photo journal from a recent 2017 hunt, taking you each step through one of our Wyoming hunting adventures! 

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Welcome to camp! First, hunters can get settled into their rooms and get acquainted with the camp staff. 

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Next, hunters have the opportunity to check their weapons. After a long trip to Wyoming, it’s great to check that everything is in order. 

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Next, it’s time to relax, have some dinner and prepare for tomorrow’s hunt. 

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Wake up to a hot breakfast and coffee. Hunters pack their own lunches, with plenty of sandwich and snack items on our lunch bar. With everything ready, it’s time to hop into your guide’s truck to begin the hunt! 

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With the arrival of daylight, you and your guide will be glassing for mature antelope bucks. 

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Our hunting areas support impressive numbers of antelope. 

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With a great buck spotted, it’s time to plan an effective stalk.  

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Antelope have excellent vision and staying out of sight is one of the keys to a successful stalk. 

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It can often take multiple stalks to get a good shooting opportunity. When you finally set your sights on that antelope buck, it’s time to catch your breath and execute the shot just like you’ve practiced! 

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Don’t forget to stop and soak in these moments! 

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Next, it’s time take some photos to remember the moment. 

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When it’s all said and done, your guide will field dress the animal, taking it back to camp to our walk-in cooler. 

DSC08705 copy_preview 

Our local meat processor will pick it up for you, and can have the meat back to camp the very next day! 

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After a great day of hunting, it’s time to relax at camp and swap stories from the day. 

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When your hunt is complete, it’s time to say goodbye…but hopefully you’ll be back on a hunt with us again soon!