Antelope Hunting; It’s a Father Daughter thing.

One of the best things about being a Wyoming Outfitter is helping to provide memories that last a lifetime. This fall we had the pleasure of providing some incredible hunts for many awesome clients. It adds an extra special element when we are able to guide youth hunters. Often times it is their first big game hunt and it is such fun to have their parents along for the adventure. When it comes to the perfect hunt for first time youth hunters, you cannot beat a Wyoming antelope hunting trip.


SNS’ longtime guide, Mike O’Leary, was especially blessed this year when he was able to spend 3 days in the field with the Krawczyk girls and their father. This hunt has been in the works for quite some time for Jack, Anna and Claire and we were excited to finally take them out on the Wyoming grasslands for their antelope.


When we caught up to Mike after the hunt he told us, “After the buck with a deep curl was spotted, Anna and I waited for 45 minutes for the antelope to walk out of sight. Only then would we then start a stalk. Anna and I traversed 1/2 mile up a draw and behind 2 hills. After sneaking to the crest of the second hill, we realized we were standing a mere 25 yards from the herd including 2 bucks and 8 does. Her buck and one doe sprint to the left and the remainder of the herd went right. I quickly set up shooting sticks and whispered ‘he’s gonna stop, when he stops, hold dead on.’ Anna placed her gun on the sticks,  and just as predicted, the buck stops at 98 yards. I told her “shoot!” and the buck dropped right where he stood. And then it was time to celebrate!!”

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Judging from these beaming smiles, I would say the wait was worth it. Please enjoy the slide show of their days out on the Wyoming grasslands in pursuit of pronghorn antelope.

We would like to thank the Krawczky family for joining us this 2022 hunting season. We are all betting this is just the beginning of a lifetime of hunting for these two beautiful young ladies and hope to see them return for more adventures with SNS Outfitter & Guides in the future.