An Antelope Hunting Photo Journal

Every fall we find ourselves kneeling behind scrubby tufts of sage, stalking through shallow ravines or glassing across broad expanses of rolling prairie, hills and canyons. Antelope hunting on these vast Wyoming ranches is a classic experience that every big game enthusiast should experience.

In this antelope hunting photo journal, we’ll take you through a typical day of pronghorn hunting here in central Wyoming with SNS Outfitter and Guides.

Each day begins before daylight as hunters wake up to the smell of coffee and breakfast in the kitchen. After lunches are packed and everything loaded, hunters will jump in to trucks with their guide and head out for the day.








The hunt begins by glassing and locating groups of pronghorn. If you’ve never hunted antelope before, you might be surprised to know that they stay active throughout the day. Unlike deer or elk, there’s little pressure to maximize those first and last bits of daylight. Pronghorn can be spotted and stalked all through the afternoon.


One of the fun things about antelope hunting on these big, private ranches in open country is the ability to see large numbers of animals throughout the day. You and your guide may watch a number of different bucks before you both decide on one to pursue. When you find that buck, the stalk is on!


Stalking a mature antelope buck is where the fun really begins. While this country is mostly open, it’s anything but flat. Your guide will show you how to use the terrain to effectively approach the animals. Pronghorn have outstanding eyesight and getting within range is always a fun challenge.


If the stalk doesn’t go as planned and you get busted by the antelope, laugh it off and get ready to do it again! With thousands upon thousands of acres to explore, there are more antelope to find.


Sometimes they come easy and you’ll get your buck on the first stalk. Other times, it may take a few attempts to connect on a mature buck. Whatever the case may be, have fun, enjoy the country and every step of the adventure.









When you finally get that shot opportunity on a nice Wyoming antelope, enjoy the moment. When your heart starts pounding, remember to watch your breathing and squeeze off the shot just like you’ve always practiced.



Now, it’s time to celebrate! Be sure to take a few photos with your guide before getting into the work of field dressing your antelope. When you get back to camp, we’ll hang your buck in the camp’s walk-in cooler where the meat processor will pick it up for you and can often return it processed and frozen in time for your departure. We can also arrange for one of our two outstanding local taxidermists to handle your trophy.







By the time you return to camp in the evening, our camp cook will be busy preparing a home cooked dinner and dessert. Enjoy swapping stories from the day with the other guides and hunters and perhaps enjoy a campfire before heading off to bed.







For more information on antelope hunting with SNS Outfitter and Guides, please check out our Antelope Hunting Page. If you’d like more details or specific availability, call us at 307-266-4229. We look forward to hearing from you!