Client Story: Kevin Moynahan Tells It All

Hey Sy and Ambrosia, 

This will be my 5th year hunting with SNS, and there is never a dull moment. Recently, I was hunting with my guide, Lex Dyer, looking for a freak antelope (which, we had spotted). Although we began our stalk, we were not able to get on the antelope. But, on our way back, Lex spotted a beautiful antelope, only 200 yards away. He told me, “Shoot that antelope! It’s a very nice one.” We were side hilling at the time, so I dropped down to get a better angle. I was trying to get on the antelope when I heard Lex say, “You better shoot, he is going to leave.” I took the shot, but I immediately knew something was wrong. I noticed a growing puddle of blood in front of me. Yes, I had unfortunately scoped myself. I heard Lex say, “Nice shot,” then he looked at me and said, “that’s not good.” Ironically, though, the pain was not terrible, so I could not stop laughing. We cleaned the wound and headed back to camp. In the meantime, someone (who shall remain nameless) called the camp manager. Upon my arrival back to camp, my wound was examined and bandaged. We had a few beers and just as many laughs. When I went to my room, my bunk was decorated with “bandages”, ha. This is why I keep coming back; great people, having fun, and fantastic hunting. 


Kevin Moynahan