Excellent Antelope Conditions and Increased License Numbers

This year in Wyoming, much of the talk has been about severe winter conditions at high elevations in the western part of the state. But while certain areas in the high country have received heavy snow, it’s a far different story over on the eastern flank of the Rockies and across the plains.

Amid the buzz about a rough winter for high country mule deer, we are currently anticipating one of our best years for antelope in recent history. If you know anyone who lives along the front range of the Rockies, you’ll hear the same story. While there’s been plenty of snow up high, there’s been virtually no winter out east. The month of February was one of the mildest we can remember with warm temperatures throughout.

With snowmelt already filling up reservoirs and irrigation systems, range conditions for antelope look very good. Our prairies are showing more than two inches of new growth, about a month ahead of normal. The health of our pronghorn herds is outstanding. With so much feed and little winter weather to contend with, we expect to see some high quality bucks this hunting season. This could be one of the best seasons for horn growth in recent years!

Conditions look so positive that the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is increasing the number of hunting licenses in the majority of our antelope areas. Some areas are seeing significant license increases. Drawing odds this year will be excellent in these areas. Between better drawing odds and great conditions, things are lining up to be a great year for antelope hunting!

If you’re interested in a Wyoming antelope hunt this year, please note that the application deadline is quickly approaching! The deadline is the end of May. We will handle the entire application process for you so don’t wait. Call us now at 307-266-4229 if you’d like information on a hunt.

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