FAQ: What Should I Tip?

“What is proper etiquette for tipping my guide and support staff (I.e. cooks, camp jack, etc) on my hunt?”

This is a question I get asked quite often this time of year and the answer is simple, yet complex. 

Let’s start with your guide. It is customary to tip your guide 10% of the hunt price for a single hunt since you will be working with the same guide for the entire hunt (check the price of the hunt you have booked to determine this). Next your support staff, cooks and camp jacks are typically tipped $150-$200 each.

Remember, tips are a way to say thank you, reward service and in some cases success. The amount that gets tipped varies significantly – perhaps you throw in some gear that the guide needs. Whatever the case, having an appreciation for someone that is working to help you have a great experience, and ultimately the hopes of success, deserves a tip. Gratefulness and thankfulness for the experience is important. Guides cannot control the weather, animal movements, or you missing a shot.

Happy hunting!