Featured Hunting Camp: A Classic Wyoming Combo Hunt

Combo HuntThis week we’d like to feature one of our specific hunting camps and provide a virtual tour around this beautiful location in northeast Wyoming. Sometimes known as “Camp Envy” for its amenities, it’s also known as Hunt #2 if you refer to our website or the printed brochure. Most importantly, this camp serves as the home base for an outstanding Wyoming combo hunt.

The landscape in north central and northeast Wyoming is a patchwork of sage hills, plateaus studded with ponderosa pines, grassy plains, and shallow canyons lined with junipers. It’s perfect habitat for trophy quality antelope and mule deer bucks.

Our hunting camp sits atop a hill with views overlooking long creeks lined with cottonwoods, vast expanses of sagebrush, and an escarpment of pine-covered hills. The camp itself contains several buildings that include guest quarters, guide rooms, a 24 by 32-foot dining room, a shower building, permanent outhouses and a meat cooler.

The guest rooms are comfortable, sleeping two to four hunters each. Bunk beads are furnished with covered mattresses. Baseboard heat keeps things cozy, no matter what the weather decides to do. A hot shower is a perfect way to start or end each day. And the dining room provides the perfect place to gather for a hot breakfast each morning, and then a home-cooked dinner each night.

An antelope and mule deer combo hunt is a classic, spot-and-stalk experience. After a hot breakfast, you and your guide will leave camp before daylight. These ranches offer good 4×4 access and the hunt typically begins by glassing these large expanses of open country for a mature buck. In some cases you will be glassing from the vehicle but in other situations, your guide might park and hunt on foot.

After harvesting your mule deer or antelope, your guide will field dress your trophy. Back in camp, it can chill in our meat cooler. Processing and taxidermy is your responsibility. But if you choose to have your meat processed locally, our local meat processor can pick your animal up from camp. This is an easy and hassle-free way to have your meat processed before your departure. We also have a couple of outstanding local taxidermists that we recommend.

With good numbers of antelope and mule deer, the hunting here is action-packed. From this camp, we are fortunate to hunt on private ranches that encompass more than 62,000 acres of big game habitat. We have been carefully managing these ranches for over two decades and the trophy quality is excellent. An antelope and mule deer combo hunt is a classic-spot and stalk experience. This is everything you’d want and expect in a western hunting adventure.

For more information, you can check out Hunt #2 on our website. Or you can request a free copy of our brochure. For details or availability, give us a call at 307-266-4229.