The Greys River: Wyoming’s Mule Deer Hunting Capitol

Wyoming Mule Deer Hunting, Greys River
Glassing for mule deer on a rocky ridge in Wyoming’s Greys River area.

The Greys River in western Wyoming is a place of legend for hunters across the globe, and is without a doubt, the state’s mule deer hunting capitol. The Greys River boasts more record mule deer than anywhere else in Wyoming, and ranks number five in the world for producing trophy mulies. When you mention the words, “Greys River” to many hunters, it elicits images of heavy horned bucks in rugged country.

The country in the Greys River region is certainly rugged. Steep canyon walls, high elevation peaks and rocky ridgelines make this ideal habitat for trophy mule deer. With its headwaters in the Wyoming Range about 45 miles south of Alpine, the Greys River flows north for over 60 miles before joining the Snake River. Bordered by the Salt River Range on the west, and the Wyoming Range on the east, this wild and scenic area is a paradise for both hunters and fly fisherman.

Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt, Greys River
Three happy hunters with their Greys River mule deer.

In addition to providing great habitat for mule deer, the region is also home to a healthy herd of resident elk that lives along the river year round. The Greys River elk herd has been growing steadily over the past several years. The area holds some impressive Wyoming bulls and a high bull-to-cow ratio has drawn the attention of elk hunters worldwide.

“The Greys River area is one of my favorite places to hunt,” says SNS guide David Dandridge.  “ It is big, rugged country and it is a challenge. But those big mule deer get me excited more than anything else, and there’s nothing like being up there on horseback in that beautiful country.”

The peaks surrounding the Greys River reach upwards of 11,000 feet elevation. The area is dominated by steep timberline basins that tumble down into black timber, grassy hillsides, parks and isolated meadows. For hunters who venture into the heart of this wild country, the scenery is as memorable as the hunting, and the two are an inseparable part of the adventure.

Greys River Wyoming Sunrise
Sunrise over the Greys River valley

When the trip is over, it may be hard to decide the best part. Starlit horseback rides to your hunting area before dawn may be just as meaningful as leveling your sights on a trophy mule deer buck or bull elk. One thing is for certain. Those who visit the Greys River area of Wyoming almost always find an excuse to come back.

SNS guide Guy Palmquist recently said, “Hunting in this area is an absolute thrill and it never gets old.” We couldn’t have said it any better.

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