A Guides Note: Mark Warr

“I live to hunt — no matter if I’m guiding or hunting myself. Either way, I’m a part of the hunt, and that’s what I love.”

Guide StoryFor over 20 years, Mark Warr has devoted a piece of his life to SNS Outfitter & Guides. Devoutly loyal, he returns every single year. As a guide, a hunter, and the current camp manager, Warr is an SNS seasoned veteran. Everyone knows him, and no one forgets him. From the quality of the operations, to the guides and the staff, Warr is convinced there’s no better hunting outfitter out there. And, he’s right. But, during the summer months, you can find him in Alpine, Wyoming. He proudly manages the Jackson Hole Trail Rides at the Jackson Hole Outfitters camp.

But whether he’s leading hunts with SNS or managing the Jackson Hole camp, he’s drawn to the diverse crowds who love the outdoors. He enjoys meeting people from all over the world, learning their stories, and taking them on unforgettable adventures. And because most of Warr’s clients haven’t experienced hunting before, he enthusiastically shows them the ropes. From taking guests into the wilderness, to helping them find animals, Warr helps them through the entire hunting process. Warr continues to build trustworthy relationships and has established an enjoyable standard for operations. Therefore, it’s no surprise that his rapport keeps guests coming back, year after year.

If you you were to ask him what his favorite hunt (to guide) is, he’d tell you it’s the archery elk. Due to its challenge and relative low success rate, he loves the chase. Afterall, that’s what hunting is all about. With archery elk, specifically, the hunt’s success is measured by the animals’ responses. In other words, getting a kill is simply a bonus. Warr has guided archery elk in the Greys River, as well as out at the Orchard and Keyline camps.

Without a doubt, his favorite personal hunt involves his buddy, Filmore. Together, in the Bighorn Mountains, their “gentlemen’s hunt” takes place at the end of October. Some days, they hunt hard; other days, they take their time, waiting for the elk to appear. However, it doesn’t matter. Because whether it’s a leisurely hunt or not, it’s the outdoor bonding time that Warr lives for. Afterall, he truly loves spending time in the mountains and breathing in the beauty of nature.


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