Limited Availability on Black Bear Hunts

Start your 2019 hunting season in Wyoming!
For the hunter looking for a great black bear trophy and an excellent vacation, this hunt provides the best of both worlds. A high success rate on unique color phase bears, combined with a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere, make it easy to see why this is one of our most popular hunts.The Greys River area is home to Wyoming’s largest population of black bears, and is famous for its mostly color phase bears. Over the years SNS Outfitter & Guides has taken some very large bears from this area, some over 7 feet with heads larger than 20” SCI. We have a success rate of 90%, and a satisfaction rate of 100%.In addition to excellent bear hunting, this is a great vacation hunt, ideal for a non-hunting companion. Many couples have described it as the best vacation they’ve ever had. We stay at the incredibly comfortable Box Y Lodge where hunters enjoy clean, spacious sleeping cabins with private full baths and individual porches to enjoy life among the pines. The lodge has a large commercial style kitchen where our staff prepares incredible meals. A spacious dining room and comfortable living room provide areas to sit and relax.

We hunt these bears over baits using ground blinds. The baits are proven and have produced consistently for years. The baits are placed in early spring for the spring hunts and in late summer for the fall hunts. They are constantly resupplied to keep bears active. We use trail cameras to monitor the number, color and size of bears coming to the baits. This helps our guides determine the best bait for each day’s hunt.

During the spring hunts we use 4×4 vehicles to access the trailheads. Hunters can expect a short hike to the bait. You and your guide will stay until last shooting light or until your trophy bear comes in. Unlike some Black Bear hunts, we do not drop off hunters and leave. Your guide will be with you throughout the hunt. Different baits are used during the fall season than those during the spring season. Horses are often used to access the hunting area during the fall.

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