Meagan Haberberger: The Gourmet Guru

If you are lucky enough to attend a Spring or Fall Black Bear hunt, maybe even an elk or deer hunt at the Box Y Lodge, you’ve hopefully been lucky enough to taste the mouthwatering, home-style dishes created by Meagan Haberberger. As the daughter of Tim and Cindy Haberberger, Meagan has been a great addition to the SNS crew for her popular collection of gourmet recipes.  

There is no question that Meagan knows her way around the kitchen. A typical day for her consists of starting the coffee on the stove around 6:30 am and diving into her preparation for the 8:00 am breakfast. Once the hunters and guides have left for the day, she will start to tackle the dinner prep. Dinner is served at 3:30 pm for the bear hunters to get out to their baits at an early hour. She then savors a few hours to herself before serving ‘appetizers’ and treats around 8:00 pm for the returning crew.

Each guest on an SNS trip is lucky enough to indulge in a homemade meal every day. It is important for Meagan that all the breads, cakes, appetizers, dinners, and desserts are made from scratch since the guides and hunters are burning several calories throughout each trek. “I want to serve them what they crave – fresh fruit, vegetables, and home cooking!” Whether is it 5 people or 20 people, Meagan likes to offer a variety of meal options, with some fan favorites being biscuits and gravy, enchiladas, corn casserole, and carrot cake. These mouthwatering dishes are served as big, home-style meals.

Meagan’s menu is worth its own paragraph. To start the hunt off on the right foot, she designs a full breakfast around the essentials; eggs, a breakfast meat, country potatoes, baked goods, and fruit. Appetizers can vary from meatball sliders to jalapeno poppers and what she calls cowboy queso! To wrap up the day, her hungry hunters are served a large meal of either steaks or prime rib, baked potatoes, steamed veggies, homemade bread, garden salad, and dessert. Additionally, she serves turkey dinners, BBQ ribs, lasagna, and ham.  Meagan’s motto – “The guides tell me what they want or would like to eat, and I try to recreate it.”

Like any of us, there are always a few challenges that come along with the successes. For Meagan, getting out of bed on time by week four is the first on her list. She laughs about the struggle of always keeping picky-eater Dave Dandrige fed and finally, the struggle to design a varied and creative menu that last the four weeks.

For the elk, mule deer, and bear hunts through SNS – the Box Y Lodge is the perfect destination. This spot is the only lodge along the Greys River and offers an idyllic mountain setting where hunters enjoy individual heated sleeping cabins and private baths. The lodge has a large commercial kitchen, spacious dining area, and a relaxing living room. This might be one of the most comfortable hunting camps you’ve ever experienced. More importantly, it’s surrounded by trophy big game country. Book your trip today!