Planning a Western Hunt

Interest in western hunting continues to be very high. Because of this interest, its very important do some long range planning for your future hunts. Wyoming Mule Deer and Pronghorn Antelope hunts continue to be highly sought after each year. When you start the planning process, it is key to learn about the different licensing systems each western state uses to issue non-resident hunting licenses.


The sale of preference points has become very popular with western states as a way of distributing hunting licenses. This includes both Montana and Wyoming. Because the demand and competition to draw western licenses has increased, preference points have become a method of insuring that a hunter will eventually draw a coveted tag. The key is to buy points consistently and not miss any years. Skipping years of purchasing preference points can result in forfeiting what you have accumulated. To ensure you don’t miss out, SNS Outfitter offers a service to buy points for our clients. That way when you’re ready to go hunting with us, you will have enough points to draw your licenses. We provide information about preference points in our brochure and on our website. If you prefer to talk to us to learn more about preference points, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Now is the time to start planning Mule Deer or Antelope hunts. You have been buying points and now you’re ready to plan a hunt date. As I mentioned earlier, demand is very high so its best to book 2 years in advance for your western hunt. We encourage you to call or email us prior to booking to be sure the hunt and dates you are looking are available.


As inflation continues to rise, every single aspect of our business expenses goes up. We would like to communicate that hunt prices will likely be impacted by inflation. Long range planning can help to prepare for the expenditures for your western hunt. Even if your hunt dates are scheduled well into the future, the SNS office will take care of all the necessary license applications prior to any applicable deadlines.


We have built equipment lists specific to each of our camps and hunts. When you book your hunt with SNS Outfitter, you will receive a packet with the equipment list. Please take the time to review all the information and start the process of acquiring any equipment you do not already have. Its essential to get your rifle ready and practice with the load and bullet you plan on using on the hunt.


Finally, and probably the most important factor, is to get some exercise. Hunting in the  west is different and exceptionally physical. Wyoming and Montana have higher elevations and challenging terrain. Our style of ‘spot and stalk’ hunting involves plenty of hiking to get within rifle range to take an ethical shot. As you prepare, we recommend walking or hiking 3-5 times each week and to begin an exercise regime months before your hunt.

Please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email with any questions. We look forward to outfitting you on your next hunting adventure.