Randy George – He Lives for the Fall in Wyoming

Meet Randy George: an Arizona native with a passion for hunting big game and the wild outdoors. Randy was first introduced to hunting at a young age. Even before he could hunt, he would spend his spare time outside, calling in big Arizona bull elk. He went out on his first hunt at age 14 and he’s been hooked ever since. While most people think of Arizona as hot desert, parts of the state are known for their wild game. Lucky for Randy, he grew up in the part of Arizona with an abundance of big bull elk. Throughout the course of his life, Randy’s passion for the outdoors has only grown stronger.

In 1989, Randy decided it was time to head North for good – and that’s when he found his home in Riverton, Wyoming. We asked him, “why Wyoming?” and the answer was easy for him. Randy spent many summers ranching in Wyoming. The more time he spent there, the more he realized he wanted it to be home. Once in Riverton, he met people with similar interests, passions, and hobbies, and they eventually introduced him to the guide life.

Randy’s guiding career began with John Winters, and he worked being a wilderness guide for many years. If you’ve hunted with a wilderness outfitter, you’ll understand the workload that’s required. Through that same group, Randy met Sy. And just like that, he began guiding for SNS. A testament to how much he enjoys SNS, he’s still with our outfitter, seven years later. We asked Randy what some of his favorite aspects of working for SNS. He answered, jokingly, “The older I get, the more I like working for Sy. I don’t have to pack into the wilderness with a lot of gear.” He also noted that he’s fond of the antelope hunts – after all, it’s about finding the right antelope for the client and showing him or her what Wyoming has to offer. Lastly, he firmly believes that SNS has some of the best hunters, which makes for an amazing time.

Being a full-time guide for SNS has allowed Randy to guide many of our hunts, so we asked him what his favorite hunt to guide was. Randy noted that he loves guiding hunts on the Orchard (hunt 3 for those of you wondering). “We’re kind of spoiled there with awesome hunting, a great camp, good crew, and everyone gets a long.” He also enjoys taking first-time hunters because you can teach them about the hunt and they’re eager to learn. While guiding at the Orchard may be his favorite place to guide, Randy enjoys guiding antelope hunters on the Wyoming plains.

Finally, we asked Randy about his most memorable hunt. Randy had a great story to share, so if you see him, be sure to ask him about it. Otherwise, enjoy our shortened version: It was Randy’s first-ever hunt at the Orchard, and there was a lady and her son who traveled all the way from North Carolina. They were on the hunt for a sturdy bull elk. Well, Randy wasn’t too familiar with the ranch yet, so they climbed a peak that was VERY hard to get up. Once they climbed the peak, they had to climb over a cliff that would eventually plateau on top. Much to their surprise, there was a big bull elk on the other side of the cliff. Randy called the big boy in, and she shot him. It was a moment they were all excited about, and Randy was even more proud of the climbing venture.

Unsurprisingly, Randy is enthusiastic about horses. He is a saddle maker by trade and has owned his own saddle company, G Bar G Bronc Saddles, since 2011. In the last 10 years has had five bronc riders win world championships on his saddles. Despite his humble demeanor, he is one of the top two makers in the world. The spring tends to be a busy time of year from him as he’s getting saddles ready for the National High School Finals Rodeo. His customers know that from September through early November, he’s gone guiding. Guiding is truly a refresh every year, providing a coveted work-life balance for him.

If you’re hunting on the Orchard this year, it’s likely you’ll come across Randy!

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