Recipe Feature: Antelope Jerky with Hi Mountain Seasonings

Antelope season is in full swing here in Wyoming, so what a better way to celebrate than to share one of our favorite recipe, Antelope Jerky. If you’re taking your Antelope home with you to process yourself, we would highly recommend giving this tasty recipe a try. Our friends at Hi Mountain Seasonings have really perfected their recipe and honestly we cannot compete with it. So, be sure to download the recipe below and let us know what you think. 




What you’ll need: 

Click here for the full cooking instructions, and enjoy! 

A few reminders, always keep your jerky refrigerated or frozen once you have it cooked. Freezing your jerky is a great way to have it last you until next hunting season without going bad. Here at SNS we love making antelope jerky  for a few reasons, but primarily because it makes for that perfect grab and go, high protein snack!

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