Spring Training: Start Working Toward Your 2017 Hunt

Hunting seasons are less than five months away and that means it’s time to get in gear! If you aren’t already working at it, don’t wait any longer to begin spring training for your fall hunt.

Our Wyoming and Montana hunting trips have widely varying physical requirements. From ranches with good vehicle access, all the way to the high country hunts near timberline, the needs are different. But there should be one consistent goal across the board. Be in the best physical shape you possibly can. Do that, and your hunt will be more enjoyable and you’ll have more opportunities in the field.


It begins with making a training plan. Include a mix of both cardio and weight training with a solid focus on your legs, back and core. Challenge yourself and set goals, but keep it safe and realistic. You don’t want to get hurt and you don’t want to burn out before hunting season. Set a routine that you can keep consistently from now through the hunting season.

Don’t forget about your diet. All the exercise in the world may not help if you’re eating poorly. Get your family on board and make positive changes if needed. One of the best things you can do is balance. Eat smaller portions of lean meats with plenty of vegetables and healthy or whole-grain carbs. Limit refined sugar and even the amount of natural sugar in fruits. Last but not least, drink plenty of water. Drinking a lot of water each day will make a surprising difference in how you feel and how your body responds to exercise.

We say it every year but it is always worth repeating. Hunters who work hard to be in shape for their hunts will have more opportunities in the field. And those long stalks – whether across antelope country or in steeper elk country – will be more enjoyable if you’re in the best shape possible.

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