The Perfect Hunting Boot Recommendation

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The countdown has begun to our 2019 fall hunts. We are sure you have spent the last few months preparing physically, mentally, and gathering all the necessary equipment for your western hunt. This is an exciting time and here at SNS want to make sure that packing the wrong equipment won’t stand in the way of that once in a lifetime hunt.

All of those in our outfit would agree that proper footwear is the number one necessity in clothing. This isn’t a one size fits all option though. When you are coming to Wyoming or Montana it is necessary that you plan for all different types of weather. If you are enjoying one of our September hunts there is a high likelihood that you could be hunting in 80 temperatures one day and the next morning have frost on the ground. This makes finding the right boot important. You must have a boot that keeps your feet warm in the morning and is breathable enough to wear throughout the day. That is why we recommend Cabela’s Men’s Iron Ridge Uninsulated hunting boots with GORE-TEX.  These boots are waterproof, but breathable when the day begins to heat up. This boot is a great choice for both our men and women hunters.  I personally have owned a pair of Cabela’s GORE-TEX boots for 15 years and they have always been the perfect fit for our Wyoming terrain and weather. 

Now if you will be joining us on a high country hunt, Montana deer hunt, or October Elk or Deer hunt you will need to be prepared for weather that could be warm during one day and snowing the next. Wyoming weather is truly unpredictable and can turn on a dime. For the warm days we stick with our above recommendation, but for those cold days we recommend Schnee’s boots. If you walk into one of our camps on a cold winter day you will see these are some of the favorites. Sy himself has worn Schnee’s for as long as we can remember and is a firm supporter based on their comfort and ability to keep your feet warm on those frigid Wyoming hunts. If we had to pick one the Hunter II would be our pick, but you really can’t go wrong. 

The proper footwear during your Wyoming hunt will help keep you focused on the hunt and not struggling with cold feet. We do suggest that you get your boots as soon as possible and begin hiking in them. They do take some time to break in, and the Schnee’s can feel a bit heavy at first. See you all soon!

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