Wild Game Rib Recipe

Summer is winding down, which is both a good and bad. As we approach the hunting season our previous seasons wild game supply is dwindling. One thing we always save for September are the ribs. Wild game ribs are shockingly good, and easy to master. Here is our favorite recipe!

What you need:

To Do:

  • Fire up your smoker or grill with smoker box. You will want there to be an ample amount of smoke.
  • While heating up dry rub your ribs with desired rib seasoning, and follow up with BBQ sauce on top.
  • Cold smoke the ribs for roughly 2 hours.
  • After smoking finish on direct heat until ribs are cooked through. The smoking to grill transfer will get a nice crust on your ribs and they’ll nearly fall off the bone.
  • Serve with grilled bread and a kale brussel sprout salad!


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