Wyoming Elk Country

Nearly every hunter dreams of experiencing a western elk hunt. The size of a bull elk rack along with time spent in majestic mountainous country conjures up dreams of pursuing these icons of the West. 

Dreaming of hunting these icons of the West?

Wyoming is home to over 110,000 elk and in the last 40 years, we have seen our statewide population double. Elk can be found in virtually every area of this equality state from the barren dessert to Wyoming’s abundant mountain peaks. SNS Outfitters has been in operation since 1977. During that time we have guided over 1,100 elk hunts. Our lifetime success on these hunts is a very high; 77% on elk hunts.  

Cover more ground horseback.

All of our hunts are conducted using good old horse power. Each day you will spend several hours horseback, immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of elk country. Horses allow these hunts to get deep into elk habitat, but they really earn their keep once an elk is put down! Our guides are professionals at taking care of your elk meat and loading your trophy head and horns onto a sturdy pack saddle for transport back to camp. 

Speaking of hunting camps, nothing is more important during your hunt than a good night’s rest. We offer elk hunts from three different locations. Our archery elk hunts take place in September along the Greys River from a very comfortable wall tent camp. This high end camp features heated tents on wood platforms, furnishings, linens and all the amenities like a hot shower and home cooked meals in our large dining tent. 

Our rifle elk hunts are conducted from two additional locations. The first; out of the Box Y Lodge from October 15th-25th. This area is in the heart of Greys River territory, surrounded by towering peaks and deep dark timber; fantastic elk habitat! Be conditioned for intense, long days and a sense of pride when you fill this coveted tag.

Settle in with the SNS team at the Box Y Lodge

The second rifle elk hunt is on private land along the southern end of the Big Horn Mountains. SNS Outfitters has leased this sprawling 100,000 acre working cattle ranch for over 36 years. Our camp for the October bull elk and cow elk hunts is located in the center of the ranches best elk habitat. Each day you will ride right from camp to spend the entire day in pursuit of elk.

Our Late Season Cow Elk Hunts are conducted from this two-story ranch house.

In November, we move to the lower end of the ranch to a two story ranch house. This location is closer to where the elk move to for their wintering grounds. 

Wyoming bull elk licenses do require preference points in order to draw. The deadline to purchase preference points is right around the corner on November 1st. Please call the SNS Office or email Ambrosia (ambrosia@huntwyo.com) for assistance or to enter our preference points program. After all, we want to be sure you have enough points to be successful in the draw when you’re ready to book your own Wyoming Elk Hunt with SNS Outfitter and Guides. 

Come see for yourself, there’s more action yet to come in Wyoming’s Elk Country!