Wyoming Wildlife Task Force Update; June 2022

The Wyoming Wildlife Task Force [WWTF] has been busy working on wildlife and licensing issues for the last year. SNS outfitter Sy is the outfitter representative on the task force. Several subjects have been discussed and either rejected or approved and moved on to the legislature or commission or continue to take public comment. 

One topic that has drawn a lot of attention is an outfitter draw. The task force is currently working on gathering comment on this subject. The outfitter draw is expected to be voted on at the August 8th & 9th meeting.

In the near future, we will be asking our clients to weigh in on the outfitter draw that will benefit your ability to draw a Wyoming license. We will be sending that out to all of you on the SNS newsletter list when it has been approved by the Wyoming Outfitter & Guides Association board. It will be important that you take the time to comment and ask the Wyoming Wildlife Task Force to carve out licenses for clients using the services of a Wyoming Outfitter.

Another very important item that has been sent to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, is the removal of the non-resident elk license cap. The end of the 7,250 elk cap is long over due and a huge plus for elk management in Wyoming. The cap has been in place for over 40 years and was instituted at a time when Wyoming had half the elk population it currently does. We will also be asking you to comment to the commission to ask them to support the removal of the elk cap. 

If you would like to know learn more, please go to their WWTF website. If you prefer to visit directly with Sy about the issues the WWTF is discussing, please call 1-307-266-4229 or email him. He will be glad to discuss the topics at hand with you.