Preparing for the 2014 Spring Bear Hunting Season!

Our spring bear hunting season begins in less than a month here in Wyoming! Our baits have been set and we will be monitoring them constantly. Preparing for the spring bear hunts is a big job and we are busy getting ready for our first hunters of the season to arrive!

Setting baits begins in the early spring here in the Greys River region of Wyoming. We carefully place them in areas that we know consistently produce quality bears. At the same time, we begin placing and monitoring game cameras. Throughout the spring, this allows us judge bear numbers, size and colors, and then adjust our plans accordingly. By the time our first hunters arrive in May, we have a very good idea of what bears are in the area.

Spring Black Bear HuntingYou may remember this game camera photo from last season (right) when Tim Haberberger of the Box Y Lodge had a very close encounter with a visiting black bear while checking on a bait!

The Greys River region is home to Wyoming’s largest population of black bears. The area is known for producing many color phase bears and we have been fortunate to take some very large bears in this area – some of them over seven feet. Due to the elevation of these hunts, slipped hides are not an issue, and we rarely see bears with rubbed hides.

We hunt using ground blinds, and we begin preparing these areas as soon as the snow clears and the weather allows. Most baits require a short hike from the trailhead, but we have blinds that can accommodate hunters of any physical ability level.

Also in the spring, our staff at the Box Y Lodge is busy preparing for our bear hunting guests. The nature of these hunts makes them a great vacation, even for non-hunters. Many of our hunters bring their spouse and enjoy an idyllic early-season vacation together.  As the Box Y Lodge staff makes the transition for spring, the individual cabins are prepared and our commercial kitchen is stocked. The porches are swept and cleaned of winter’s remnants, ready for guests to sit and enjoy their mountain getaway.

Over the next month, we will be very busy preparing the lodge and the hunting areas. We are excited to welcome our first hunters of the year. If you’re joining us for spring bear hunting this year, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Our spring bear hunts are booked for this year, so if you’re interested call us soon to reserve your spot for next spring! If you have any questions about these hunts, please give us a call at 307-266-4229 or check out our bear hunting page. You may also request a free brochure.

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