Trophy Black Bear Hunts

For hunters seeking a remarkable black bear trophy and a rejuvenating vacation, our hunt offers the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Our lodge is situated in Wyoming’s serene Greys River area, renowned for its abundant black bear population, including predominantly color phase bears. It’s no wonder this has become one of our most-sought after hunts.

With Wyoming’s largest population of black bears, our hunts have yielded impressive results, high success rates and 100% satisfaction. Bears exceeding six feet with large heads are not uncommon. The majority of the bears we take have colored brown hides followed by blonde, cinnamon, or a mixture of those multiple colors. It’s actually rare to take a bear with a solid black hide. Over the years we have taken an impressive 12 Wyoming Outfitter & Guide Association award winning bears. 

Beyond the exhilarating hunt, this expedition doubles as an ideal vacation, perfect for non-hunting companions. The Box Y Lodge provides a more than comfortable retreat, offering spacious sleeping cabins with private baths and tranquil porches. Indulge in delicious meals prepared in camp’s large kitchen and unwind in the inviting dining and living areas. Wi-Fi and cell phone service is available in the lodge but not in the hunting areas. Adult beverages are allowed in camp at the completion of hunting and exploring to make for a great way to unwind at the end a long day.

Our hunting method involves baiting bears and ground blinds, with baits meticulously placed and replenished consistently to maintain bear activity. We use trail cameras to monitor the number, color and size of bears coming to the baits. This helps our guides determine the best bait for each day’s hunt. Our professional hunting guides will remain with you while you are at the bait. 

Many of our blinds are easy to get to requiring only a short hike, however some require longer hikes in steep mountain terrain. A level of some physical fitness is suggested to make this a successful hunt for you. During our fall bear hunts we often use horses to access baits placed several miles deep into the backcountry. Prior to the hunt it is imperative to get plenty of shooting practice. We prefer .30 caliber rifles with a quality scope able to gather visibility in low light conditions. Black bears are tough to bring down. A bonded bullet, designed for maximum penetration is essential to help insure a quick ethical kill.

If you have been looking for a relaxing pace yet thrilling adventure, these black bear hunts from the Box Y Lodge will not disappoint. Give us a call to secure your spot for either our spring or fall black bear hunting seasons.