2018 Wyoming Elk Hunt Recap

Wow, is this hunting season flying by quicker than normal? It seems like just yesterday we were counting to down the days until fall bear opened, now, as of October 27th we closed out our 2018 elk hunts. But, let’s not have us tell you about the season, let’s have our hunters tell you about it.

“This is just a note to tell you what an outstanding hunt I had out of the Box Y the week of 15-20 October.  I could not have asked for or imagined a greater hunt.  The crew, accommodations and  food at the Box Y were all just awesome and we saw elk every day.”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank SNS and staff for the fantastic hunt that my son and I recently enjoyed.”
“Great hunt all the way around. Camp, Mark, Jan, and the whole crew. Really great guides, every one of them.”


Again, this season flew by but we’re ecstatic with the success that our hunters had and the animals that they were able to take home. There is such beauty in punching an elk tag in Wyoming, you now know that your freezer will be stoked for the winter with some of the healthiest, leanest meat. For us the trophy is a bonus, and we swear, each year the elk that we’re seeing are better than the previous year.

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Cheers and happy holidays.