2018 Fall Black Bear Season Recap

Although hard to believe, fall black bear season is underway — and let us tell you, we’ve had a great start to the season. The weather has been fantastic in the Greys River Valley, and we’re hoping for a few more weeks of warmth and sunshine. As we’ve mentioned before, the Greys River area is home to a portion of Wyoming’s premier black bear hunting. The area has higher elevations, beautiful scenery, and mountainous terrain. When combined, the geography makes for an exciting hunting experience.

Fall black bear season is a spectacular, dynamic time of year. While the bears are preparing for their winter hibernation (by stocking up on their food sources), our guides are working tirelessly to monitor and maintain our bear bates. As part of their responsibilities, the guides keep an eye on the trespassing animals, as well as the time of day they’re arriving and how long they’re staying. As many experienced hunters know, the black bear in our region are unique. They are color phase bears — meaning, it’s possible to see everything from pure black to cinnamon-colored fur, in addition to lighter brown and blonde bears. They’re all magnificent and very different from one another.

First Bear Down




Given the uniqueness of the bears in the area, it’s fairly uncommon to see a strict black bear. This year, however, one of our hunters was fortunate enough to take that bear. With that said, enjoy the gallery of this season’s bears to date!


Happy hunting season! For those interested in 2019, give us a call or contact us here