Last Chance Fall Bear Hunting Opportunities In Western Wyoming

Our spring black bear season wrapped up nearly a month ago, can you believe it. Currently we’re in the thick of our summer trail ride season in Western Wyoming. These trail rides take place out of Jackson Hole Outfitters Camp. If you are going to be in the Jackson hole area stop on by for a one of a kind trail ride click here for more information. All the while, we’re looking ahead to our fall black bear season. For us, spring was a big success and we have no doubt fall bear hunts will end on a similar note. 

Like our spring hunts, fall black bear hunting takes place at the Box Y Lodge on the Greys River. Our trip openings are September 3-7, and 17-21. It is a spectacular time of year in the Wyoming mountains, not only are the colors of fall making their way in, but it’s a great way to fill your preseason restlessness! 

These black bear hunts are generally pretty laid-back hunts with down time in the mornings for hiking, fishing, or exploring this beautiful country. This is ideal to bring your spouse or non-hunting companion along. You’ll have plenty of time together to explore and enjoy the Greys River Valley.  It isn’t until midafternoon that the excitement begins, you’ll take off with your guide and head to the baits.

Fall black bear openings

Our guides spend many hours preparing and scouting for each hunt, you can trust that they’re going to work hard to get your on a mature, color-phase, black bear. 

This region of Wyoming produces mostly color-phase bears and we’ve taken some impressive bears throughout the years. 

In September, black bears are in their polyphagia phase, meaning continuously hungering as their packing on the pounds for winter. During this time you’ll notice the bears out during the day feeding, as their window before hibernation is quickly closing. This works to your advantage and makes for an exciting hunt!

For more information on our fall black bear hunts, accommodations, available dates, and pricing, please visit our Black Bear Hunting Page, or call us at 307-266-4229.