Art Krueger Hunting Story from Camp Envy

In early November, we caught up with family man, Art Krueger, to hear about his memorable mule deer hunt. Without a doubt, it was one for the books. Unlike previous SNS hunts, the week of October 1st was different. First and foremost, he brought along his wife, Collette, to join him. Secondly, Art succeeded in bringing home his first mule buck!

Three years ago, Art was diagnosed with colon cancer. Collette, being the thoughtful woman she is, surprised Art with this hunt. She knew how badly he wanted a mule deer (back in the 70s, he lost a mule deer due to his gun malfunctioning). This SNS hunt will forever live in his mind, and within a year, his buck will be hanging on his wall. In Art’s own words, here’s how the story goes…

“Our days started at about 3am. After getting dressed and making lunches, I would take my meds, then we would leave an hour and a half later to get to the ranch. Along with our guide, Mark Jarrett, we would hunt till midday. We’d stop and eat lunch under an old cottonwood tree, then take a small nap before hunting until dark. Around 9:30pm, we would arrive back at Camp Envy. We would change and then enjoy a hot, delicious supper by our camp cook Judy.

On that note, all of the meals were wonderful. Judy is a great cook and would always ask if we wanted more. Our last meal, on Thursday, was the camp’s Thanksgiving, so we enjoyed two turkeys and all the fixings, plus an awesome pumpkin pie made from scratch. Being a baker by trade, I can say it was excellent.

MuleyOther than finally getting my muley buck, I would say that having my wife there — to share in the moment — was the best part of the week. Normally when I hunt, I get to camp as fast as possible and once my tag is filled, I hurry home. However, because I brought along Collette, we took our time and enjoyed the trip out there. From the Badlands to Devils Tower and Custer State Park, I finally got to see everything I have driven past in the dark, including Mt. Rushmore. Although it was her first time at a hunting camp, Colette was very impressed by the organization, cleanliness, and beauty of Camp Envy. Now, I’m trying to talk her into an antelope hunt! Only time will tell.

I have been telling all my co-workers and friends about how great the hunt, camp, and food were. I have nothing but great memories of this experience. Thank you, once again, for all the great memories. Neither of us will ever forget this hunt.”

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