3 Tips on Choosing Binoculars for a Western Hunt

Whether it’s open country antelope hunting, a high country mule deer hunt or archery elk, we spend a great deal of time each season looking through the glass. When hunting in Wyoming’s vast landscapes, having quality binoculars provides a clear advantage. Here are three of our tips on selecting binoculars for a western hunt.

1. Consider Quality

SNS-00669Binoculars can be a confusing item to shop for. Everyone has a different opinion and you’ll find options that range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. However, don’t let it make your head spin. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Higher quality glass allows more light, which is particularly noticeable at dawn and dusk and can extend your glassing time at both ends of the day. High quality glass will also improve upon sharpness, distortion and color, reducing eye fatigue on hunts that require a great deal of glassing.

You don’t have to purchase an ultra high-end bino to find good quality. But there is a difference in quality at different price ranges. Like anything, you get what you pay for. When looking at binoculars, decide on the best budget you can afford and use that as your starting point.

2. Consider Size and Power

When selecting optics for western hunting, you want binos that are going to be versatile enough for any type of adventure. You also need a balance between lightweight portability and sufficient power. We typically recommend something in the 8×30 to 10×40 range.

BinocularsIf you were to ask 10 different guides, you’d get a variety of different answers on the pros and cons between 8x and 10x binos. But most will probably agree that either will work just fine. Both will give you enough power and field of view in a lightweight and compact package that’s easy to carry around on a mountain hunt.

3. Consider Durability and Warranty

Finally, your binos are going to get jostled, rained on, shoved in backpacks and generally abused. So durability is also critical. Be sure and select quality binoculars that are waterproof and tough. Alongside durability, make sure you ask about the warranty. When all other things seem equal, sometimes it’s the warranty that will tip your decision one way or another.

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