3 Tips to Finding the Best Boots for Your Next Western Hunt

Boots are one of the most important things that you’ll purchase for any western hunt. Unlike items that can be borrowed from your buddies like a jacket or optics, boots are a personalized item that’s going to fit everyone differently. 

Here are 3 tips to finding the best boots for your next western hunt: 

1. Find Boots that Fit You


The very best brand of boots is the one that fits you best. A Kenetrek will fit your food different than a Danner, and a Lowa won’t feel the same as a Zamberlan. There are a lot of great boots out there to fit many different shapes and sizes of feet. We recommend trying on a number of different brands of boots until you find one that fits your particular feet best. 

2. Wear Your Boots Before the Hunt


A quality pair of boots shouldn’t require any break-in period. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them before your hunt. Get into your boots and put some miles on them before your hunt to make sure there aren’t any issues. If there’s a problem with blisters or a bad fit, you don’t want to discover it when you’re on your hunt. 

3. Don’t Forget Quality Socks

The best boots in the world won’t perform properly if you’re wearing your old cotton gym socks. Give your boots a sock they deserve and buy a few pairs of high quality merino wool socks. A merino sock will help keep your feet in good condition on a western hunt. They move moisture away from your skin to help avoid blisters and they resist odors even after days of use. 

Before your next hunt, be sure to settle any boot questions well in advance. A bad issue with your feet is something that can ruin an otherwise memorable hunt. 


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