A Day in the Life: A Wyoming Hunt with SNS

When chatting with first-time clients and hunters from across the country, we’re often asked what can be expected on a hunt with SNS. What is a typical day like on a Wyoming hunt with us?

Here’s a short photo tour, showing a day in the life at a typical SNS hunting camp.

1. Up Before Dawn

At all of our camps across Wyoming, whether you’re hunting elk in the mountains or antelope further east, we’re always up well before daylight. Hunters can expect a home-cooked, hot breakfast before departing on horseback, on foot or by vehicle.

On our horseback hunts, guides will have your animals saddled and ready to go by the time you finish breakfast.


2. The Hunt Begins

The distance from camp to the hunting area varies greatly, depending on the area and your Guide’s plans for the day. Horseback or vehicle rides of an hour or more are not uncommon. In other cases, hunting may begin right outside your door.

On many hunts, the day often begins behind the binoculars or spotting scope. As soon as it’s light enough to see, we begin glassing. Spotting those first animals of the day is always an exciting moment.




3. Long Days in the Field

We typically pack lunches to bring into the field to maximize hunting time. Without having to return to camp during midday, we will continue hunting through the afternoon. How we hunt the day will largely depend on the game and the weather.






4. When Game is Down

If you have an opportunity to harvest an animal, your guide will take photos and field dress the animal. If we’re hunting by vehicle, your animal will be loaded up for the trip back to camp. When hunting by horseback, your guide will quarter the animal and load it on to a packhorse for the return to camp.








5. A Hot Meal and Warm Bed Awaits

Upon your return to camp each day, a home-cooked dinner will be waiting. Your guide will unsaddle horses or get gear organized while you have a chance to get cleaned up. Then hunters and guides gather around tables to share their stories from the day.

After dinner, hunters are welcome to stick around and swap stories, but most will filter off to bed and prepare for another day of the hunt.