New Wilderness Back Country Pack-in Elk Hunting Camp

Starting in 2023 SNS will take over operations of this incredible elk camp. During the fall of 2022 our staff will be assisting Taylor Engum with camp set up and tear down, learning horse trails, and guiding elk hunters. After a full season, I am confident we will be ready to take over operations and will have developed the skill set required to run this wilderness backcountry pack in camp. 

The East Fork camp is a great archery elk hunt and the previous outfitter, Todd Jones built a heck of a reputation out of this camp guiding archery elk hunters for 12 years. The archery season will run the entire month of September and we will be operating our first archery hunt September 8-12th. This first hunt will require enough points to draw a type 9 archery-only elk license. Starting September 15th we will take general license elk hunters for two 5-day hunts. Taylor currently runs all archery elk hunts on a one-guide-to-one-hunter basis and we will continue with that same ratio going forward.

A view of the Shoshone National Forest where our wilderness pack-in elk hunts take place.

Our rifle season starts October 1st and runs the whole month of October. These will be 5-day hunts with a pack in and out day on both ends of the hunt, so in essence a 7-day experience. The guide ratio will be one guide per two hunters. The east fork drainage is huge and wild country and with a large resident herd of elk this adds up to be one of the best elk hunts in Wyoming. This camp has enjoyed an incredible success rate of 95% harvest rate the past 8 years.

The license required for the East Fork Camp is the general elk license which is one of the better draw licenses for a Wyoming elk. Our Box Y elk hunt, featured on our website under hunt #7, also requires a general elk license. Since we will have two elk hunts that can be hunted with a general license, we are going to have the opportunity for hunters that do not have enough preference points to try for a random draw while building points. If you draw in the random draw, we have enough room and season length to fit you into our fall schedule. 

A hunter overlooking the vast Wyoming wilderness
A hunter and his trophy bull elk taken on our wilderness pack-in hunt

The head of the east fork drainage is home to a robust population of Bighorn Sheep. Our hunt area is in the famous area 5 which offers the most number of licenses for Wyoming sheep. It’s not an easy tag to draw, but its worth giving it a shot and the rams in our part of the world are worth the effort! The big horn sheep rifle season starts September 1st and this is the time frame we will be sheep hunting.

The East Fork camp is accessed using horses and mules so you will be away from the world of vehicles, people and highways once you enter the Washakie Wilderness. This is a true wilderness experience involving cold frosty mornings, bugling elk and the smell of bacon in the cook tent. I am sure the memories will remain with you forever, or at least until you return for another East Fork elk hunt. I look forward to hearing from all those who have experienced this hunt and the new hunters looking for this type of elk hunting adventure. Give us a call and lets talk about a wilderness elk hunt! 307-266-4229