A Spring Update Out of Wyoming

Spring has sprung, and bear camp fever has set in for many of our guides. They’re ready for hunting season to begin, no doubt. Naturally, we’ve started prepping all of our equipment. In a few weeks, we’ll make our first big trip into the Greys. This time of year, we’re anxiously awaiting the beautiful spring mornings and warmer days at western Wyoming’s Box Y Lodge.

Although we continue to inch toward spring, let’s reflect on winter 2019. We seemed to trend on an ebb-and-flow weather pattern, experiencing significant snowfalls, followed by 7-10 days of no snow, accompanied by another big storm. However, in the western part of the state, February shattered total snowfall records. Despite these large accumulations, Wyoming has been on par with an average snowfall this season. Here at SNS, we’re happy with the season’s weather as our animals fared the winter very well.

With warmer temps on the horizon, we’re starting to see great horned growth on our antelope. However, we haven’t started scouting nor checking the overall growth yet, as mud season is in full swing in the central part of the state. So, we’re waiting for the mud to dry out a bit before we begin scouting. Despite our storms, the antelope still had plenty of fresh vegetation and will continue to graze through the summer and into the fall. As we begin to think toward August and antelope hunting season, we cannot help but get excited about the favorable weather we’ve had. Our hunters are going to have a great go-around this year! If you are on the fence about booking a 2019 hunt, we encourage you to do that sooner than later as our antelope spots are limited. The application deadline is approaching quickly.

When we think spring, it’s not just about the beautiful weather. Spring means prepping for hunting season, which ultimately means improving your fitness. Spring also encourages goal-setting for the coming season. Now is the time to secure your gym membership, reference our past articles, and get into shape for future hunts. We have compiled a complete 12-week plan for our hunters here, this will be a great starting point to check your fitness level and prepare for your western hunt this year.

Lastly, if you’re thinking about a mule deer or antelope hunt in Wyoming, contact us today. Our spots are limited, but there are still some great opportunities left for you to fill your freezer with. We love seeing our hunters enjoying a freezer full of wild game for the year to come — not to mention, the stories to tell. Spoiler, we also have a few cow elk hunts left if you’re interested! Hurry and call, as they will not last long. Here’s to a little more moisture this spring and prepping for bear camp.