Back to Business; a year end recap

SNS Outfitter and Guides has seen 44 years of hunting seasons come and go. Each one unique with its own personality, challenges and as always, stories of success. This 2021 hunting season had an overlying feeling of getting back to “Back to Business!”

Just as with prior seasons, clients were happy, relaxed and excited to be here. Their priorities were back to soaking up time in the outdoors in pursuit of adventure, trophies and meat. With vaccines more readily accessible, most were less timid of the Covid-19 virus. We had very few cancellations and our camps were full of Folks meeting face to face, smiling and shaking hands once again. We maintained precautions, yet conducted the season as usual and got right “Back to Business”. Clients were eager to get back to Back to Business and we were delighted help them do so! 

Lets start this 2021 season showcase with our Mule Deer hunts: SNS has a multitude of mule deer hunting options that span the state of Wyoming from east to west. These hunts require different preference points, skill levels and physical demands so don’t hesitate to contact our office to help you make a selection. Many of our clients choose to combine their mule deer hunt with an antelope hunt to double down on their western hunting experience. We also catered to those who simply can’t get enough deer hunting by taking them on a 2 state deer hunt in both Wyoming and Montana! We’ll be sharing more about our Montana mule deer hunts in the next few months on our YouTube channel. Be on the look out for that to see what all the hype is about with additional scenes from this season.  

A photo from Mule Deer Hunting in Montana with Jeff

Whitetail deer hunting with SNS is conducted in the beautiful black hills country of northeastern Wyoming. SNS clients took some real beauties during 2021.  And a 1st for us this year: one of our 2 state deer clients, elected to hunt white tail deer in both Wyoming and Montana! He took home a couple quality trophy heads.

A two state deer hunt for Steven turned up two great white tail trophies.

SNS offers Black bear hunting in both the spring and fall seasons. This is such a fun hunt and conducted out of the high end, Box Y lodge. Its pace is relaxed mornings, big meals while our guides are busily refreshing bait, checking trail cameras. This allows time to socialize with other guest, to include your “plus ones” if you so choose! Be ready for things to ramp up for afternoon & evening hunting, when the excitement really begins. Its no wonder this hunt sells out so quickly! This year we had several families and hunting buddies join us. That always makes for a playful & jovial environment while they make fond hunting memories to last throughout the years.

Dakota with his beautiful color phase bear fall 2021

For our Bull Elk recap, we cover a couple of camps. The first, our Greys River hunts. Each year they live up to the challenge they presents with long days in the saddle, steep climbs and thick timber. When you fill this tag, its certainly worthy of a celebration. It was All business on these hunts This year. 

Triumph in the Greys River for David

The next of the bull elk hunting recap is from an huge 100,000 acre private ranch lease. This year this camp felt like the good ol days! That return to normal was felt the most here in the southern big horn mountains. Old friends and many new joined us with gusto for these horseback hunts in pursuit of harvesting a bull elk. We had three full weeks with a whole lot of success! Should you have any questions about horseback hunting, we’d like to direct you to our “how to horseback hunt” video available on the SNS YouTube channel. 

Congratulations to Lois on filling her bull elk tag with SNS!

The final segment of elk hunting with SNS is our fastest growing hunt; cow elk hunting. We now have clients who join us annually to fill their freezer while collecting preference points for a future bull elk hunt. These 4 day hunts from our comfortable camps are a true elk hunting experience.

Bring your hunting buddy and fill your freezer!

SNS Outfitter dominates Wyoming antelope hunting and the 2021 season was no different! Whether you want to hunt antelope horseback on a sprawling private ranch, to stay at one of our of many other drive In camps or if hunting from town is more your style, we have you covered. This season brought record bookings, high success rates and an awful lot of happy clients! We are pleased that America is once again discovering how great hunting its own backyard can be! With results like these, its no wonder SNS is the largest antelope outfitter in North America.

Amy poses with her antelope fall of 2021

If you are holding back booking while you’re collecting preference points, when you are ready to pull the trigger, we hope you choose SNS Outfitter & Guides. We guarantee you expertise, experience and that every last detail will be looked after and preplanned for your hunt. 

As you can see, the theme of Back to Business weaved its way throughout all of our hunts and camps. It was a relief to be able to get back to the business of providing hunting trips and making memories. Our staff, guides, cooks and wranglers are all looking forward to 2022. Come join us for a true western hunting adventure.