Black Bear Season- what’s in store?

Every spring our guide crew and camp staff at SNS Outfitter & Guides looks forward to May 1st. We spend several days gathering groceries, doing maintenance on our ATV fleet and packing all the gear required for a successful spring black bear season. We all look forward to migrating west to the “Box Y Ranch” for another spring in the famous Greys River country! For me personally, May is my favorite month of the year. Our winter is mostly over, green grass is popping up and the Wyoming range mule deer begin migrating through McDougall gap into their summer ranges. The 2020 spring bear season would have been our 16th year providing unforgettable bear hunts for our clients.

In March, our world was turned upside down and it seems nobody was immune to the COVID-19 crisis. Like everybody in America, we monitored the events and tried to make sense out of everything that was happening and changing daily. It finally seemed like the prudent course of action was to postpone our 2020 Wyoming spring black bear hunts. It was an exceedingly difficult decision, but I knew our hunters would understand and work with us on rescheduling their dream hunting adventures. After all was said and done every client was able to reschedule to either the fall of 2020 or spring of 2021. 

After the decision was made to postpone the spring black bear season, it left a big hole in the year for the guides and myself. The decision was made to salvage our spring and put our time to good use. With a plan in place, we are again packing equipment and getting ready to begin working from our beloved Greys River wall tent camp. We will enjoy hiking the trails and stocking up many of our spring baits. Our goal is to keep the bears coming to baits they are already accustomed to using for many seasons. Additionally, a new water system will be installed and 2019’s new steel corrals have proven themselves worthy so we will be removing the old set. We are by no means idol!  

All is not lost, we will still get our precious springtime in the Greys River. We are staying productive and making improvements to our hunting camps. August will see us returning and again stocking up our baits in anticipation of the bears we will hunt this fall. The exciting part for our clients is the multiple bears left un-hunted and ready for our fall 2020 and spring 2021 bear hunters. Just like you, we will be counting down when we can all gather around the lanterns, enjoy a beer together and swap stories with you, our hunters.