Count down to your Antelope hunt

It’s almost July and its time to start fine tuning your gear for your upcoming hunt. Getting your rifle ready for your Wyoming Antelope hunt needs to be at the very top of your list. Most hunters own multiple rifles so choosing the best firearm to hunt the flat, wide open spaces of Wyoming is important.

The terrain in antelope country is generally rolling prairie grasslands and sagebrush. Antelope stand about 3 feet tall at their shoulder and a mature buck will weigh 110-120 lbs. The rifle you bring should be flat shooting, topped with a very good scope. Our outfit has successfully guided almost 5,000 buck antelope hunts so you can say we have a great deal of experience. 

First up is the .270 this is without a doubt the best firearm for a pronghorn antelope hunt followed by the .25-06 and the .243. We have started seeing plenty of the 6.5 family showing up and these calibers have proven to be very good on antelope. The heavier 30 caliber rifles can be used as well and work great, but they are designed for heavier animals.

Bullet design has come a long ways the last 30 years. Today’s sportsmen have a wide array of quality bullets to choose from and factory out of the box ammunition is very accurate. A quality bonded bullet is your best choose for hunting antelope. Bonded bullets will hold together, driving completely through the animal resulting in a clean, ethical kill.

Sight your rifle in so its dead on at 200 yards. Most of the shots that will be taken will run from 150-300 yards. Farther shots may be required, but generally with a little effort you and your guide can close the gap for a closer shot. Practice, practice and practice some more! The amount of time you spend at the rifle range shooting will pay big dividends on your hunt. The vast majority of the shots will be from the sitting position using shooting sticks, prone shots using an available rock or backpack are also common shots. 

It’s exciting getting ready for a long anticipated hunt. In addition to making sure your ready to execute the shot for a clean ethical kill, check out the suggested gear list we have prepared and sent to our currently booked clients. Make sure you’re getting plenty of exercise so your legs and lungs are ready. Finalize your travel plans and return the travel sheet to our office along with the client expectation form. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the information we have sent, then by all means, email or call with those questions. Thank you for choosing SNS Outfitters for your Wyoming antelope hunt and we shall see you this fall.