Don’t Wait, Hunt Region G This Year

Don’t Wait, Hunt Region G This Year.

As much of the hunting community is already aware, the high country in western Wyoming was handed a tough winter. But before you jump off the bandwagon, consider using your preference points on a mule deer hunt this year. This may be the best year to hunt the big bucks in Wyoming’s Region G.

Why Hunt Region G This Year?

According to the experts at, “With the hard winter in Regions G and H hunters may want burn their points before a potential population crash in the coming years.”

In harsh winters, the first victims of winter-kill are fawns. That was exactly the case in parts of northwest Wyoming. If we see a dip in trophy quality, it will be in several years when this year’s fawns should have reached maturity.

With above-average moisture content and green growth in the high country this spring, adult deer in the prime age classes will see excellent antler growth. If you have preference points for deer in Wyoming, this may be the year to use them!

Why Hunt With SNS Outfitter and Guides?

We offer two outstanding hunting camps in the heart of Wyoming’s trophy mule deer country on the renowned Greys River. We offer hunts from a traditional wall-tent camp with plenty of creature comforts. You can also hunt from our lodge camp with its cozy private cabins.

Both of these camps are nestled along the Greys River in Wyoming’s trophy mule deer mecca. We use excellent mountain horses to reach the rugged and remote timberline basins. Even with horses, it’s a physical hunt. But it’s an unforgettable high country mule deer hunting experience!

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