Fall Black Bear Hunting Opportunities in Wyoming


The spring black bear season has come to a close here in Wyoming, but we’re not finished chasing big bears this year! Spring black bear hunting has a big draw, but the fall black bear hunting is another awesome opportunity! 

Like our spring hunts, fall black bear hunting takes place at our comfortable Box Y Lodge on the Greys River in western Wyoming. These trips are in early September. It is a spectacular time of year in the Wyoming high country and it’s a great way to fill your early season void! 

These are laid-back hunts with plenty of down time in the mornings for fishing or exploring the area. It’s a great hunt to bring your spouse or a non-hunting companion. Then in the afternoons, the excitement begins! You and your guide will head to the bait site to wait for that mature black bear. 

This part of Wyoming produces mostly color-phase bears and we’ve taken some very impressive trophies over the past several years. Our guides monitor trail cameras daily at bait sites and we use those to strategically locate and pattern big bears. In September, black bears are in their hyperphagia patterns, a feeding frenzy to put on weight before winter. It’s not uncommon for bears to be feeding throughout the day as they rapidly put on weight. It makes for an exciting time to be hunting trophy black bears! 


Our fall bear hunters stay in cozy private cabins at the Box Y Lodge. All meals are included and you certainly won’t go hungry! The food, the hospitality and the entire experience is one that you’ll never forget. 

For more information on our fall black bear hunts, including dates and prices, please visit our Black Bear Hunt Page. For specific availability or to book your trip, call us at 307-266-4229 or send us a message.