Fall Black Bear Hunting Roundup from Wyoming

We’ve had a fun fall bear season here in western Wyoming! If you’ve ever visited the Wyoming high country in September, you know exactly why this is one of our favorite hunts of the year. Rocky Mountain weather in September is typically sunny, with warm days and crisp nights, and the leaves are starting to change. Most importantly, the bears are getting very active! 

During early September, black bears enter a period of hyperphagia, which is their fall feeding frenzy. They begin a constant foraging, looking to put on calories before the winter hibernation. 

Unlike the summertime when bears are mostly nocturnal, black bears begin feeding all throughout the day during this hyperphagia period. It is a great time to target trophy black bears in Wyoming. Boars are big and fat, and their coats are typically in great condition. 

Our fall black bear hunters have had a wonderful time this season, staying in the comfortable Box Y Lodge along the Greys River. The Greys River valley runs south of Jackson, Wyoming and is home to the largest concentration of black bears in Wyoming. This area produces mostly color phase bears with outstanding hides. 

Here are a few photos from the fall black bear hunts this year: 

Roy Dowell 2 Dave Miller 5 Gary Odum

Ron Hins Judy Taylor

From the SNS staff and the staff at the Box Y Lodge, we’d like to thank our hunters who joined us on a Wyoming black bear hunt this fall! It was a pleasure hunting with each of you. 

If you’d like more information about Wyoming black bear hunts with SNS Outfitter and Guides, please visit our Black Bear Hunting Page or refer to Hunt number 9 in our Brochure. You can also call us for specifics and availability at 307-266-4229.