Fall in Love with Fall Black Bear Hunting

The word autumn rarely comes to mind when hunters think about black bear hunting. About 6 seasons ago, SNS Outfitter & Guides began offering an unprecedented fall season black bear hunt. 

Preparation for the season starts with the initial wave of putting out the baits. Pack horses are used to haul the heavy barrels and buckets. Once at the designated location, the barrels are anchored to a tree then filled with a high carbohydrate mixture. Beginning in early August, our hard working crew managed and stocked 24 different sites. During this year’s fall season, we went through an incredible amount of feed. SNS guides put out 50,000 pounds of meat scraps, rolled barley, grease and pie filling throughout the season! The amount of bait used speaks volumes about the black bear population thriving in SNS’ hunting area. Trail cameras are a valuable tool for bear identification. Information obtained from the cameras helps the guides track the time and number of hungry bears frequenting the site.

Black Bear Baiting, a Hunting Guides Playbook.

The style of this hunt, although similar to the spring black bear season, does vary slightly. Our autumn clients have the option of riding horseback into about half of SNS bear baits. When shooting light disappears, the horses deliver hunters back to the trailhead. Upon returning to the lodge, a lively congregation of hunters and guides gather in the sitting room for some late night snacks, adult beverages and ‘tall-tale’ time before turning in for the night.

This hunting opportunity is a unique and incredible experience! The cool crisp Wyoming mornings set the stage for a spectacular backdrop of majestic mountain peaks run ablaze with changing maple and aspen trees. Each creek passed is sprinkled with dropped leaves in mustard, maroon and chartreuse green. Riding horseback into the back country adds such flair to this elite hunt. Bears are foraging this time of year in preparation for hibernation and baits are a buzz with activity.

This hunt has become very popular and available slots fill up quickly. If you would like to join SNS Outfitter & Guides for a fall or spring black bear hunt, be sure to give us a call right away!