Featured Hunt: Two States, Two Trophy Deer

Megan StenstromOur final hunt of the year was our ever-popular two-state, two-deer hunt. Once again, we had a great time hunting Wyoming whitetail deer, and Montana mule deer. Our clients took some great bucks, and it was a great way to wrap up the season.

This two-trophy deer hunt takes place during the peak of the rut. It’s always full of action, and it has become one of our most popular hunts here at SNS Outfitter & Guides.

We begin this hunt in Wyoming on a 10,000-acre ranch. Cultivated fields on the lower end of the property draw good numbers of Whitetail Deer. With the rut usually in full swing, there is always plenty of excitement. We have managed this property for trophy quality for more than 20 years. The whitetail population has really boomed during that time, and our clients have a great opportunity to kill a big whitetail buck.

On the Wyoming portion of this hunt, we study the movements of trophy bucks as they move from their bedding areas down to the agricultural fields. We typically hunt the early morning, getting out well before daylight and then return to town for some lunch and a little rest. We then get back to the ranch in the afternoon, and our goal is to intercept the deer as they move back to the fields in the evening.

For the second part of this hunt, we travel to a ranch near Miles City, Montana. This 42,000-acre ranch lies right in the middle of prime mule deer habitat. If you’ve ever had your heart set on hunting big mule deer during the rut, this hunt is really hard to beat.

DarrylWilliamsThis is another ranch that we’ve been managing for quality for nearly two decades. The ranch has miles of hayfields on one end, plus rolling grasslands and timbered breaks on the other end, making it a magnet for mule deer. During the rut, it’s not uncommon to spot mule deer bucks up and moving all throughout the day.

For more information about this hunt, refer to hunt #11 in our brochure or check it out on our website. For a free copy of the brochure, request one here. You may also call us anytime with questions at 307-266-4229.