Featured Hunting Camp: Jackson Hole Outfitters

Just ask any of our trophy mule deer hunters or archery elk hunters about their experience at our Jackson Hole Outfitters hunting camp, and you’ll begin to understand how special this place is.

The Jackson Hole Outfitters camp is situated on the Greys River in western Wyoming, just south of Jackson. Amid a spectacular alpine setting, this camp offers a wonderful balance between first-class comfort and a classic wall-tent hunting camp atmosphere.

Canvas tents sit atop wood floor platforms, complete with full-size beds, bedding and pillows. No sleeping bag required. A wood-burning stove takes the chill off those crisp September nights. In camp, hunters will dine in a comfortable cook tent. The addition of a shower and restroom facilities make this an easy place to base your hunting adventure.

In addition to hosting an ideal hunting camp, the Greys River is home to some of the best trophy mule deer hunting anywhere in the west. In fact, more record book mule deer have been taken in this area than anywhere else in Wyoming. The Greys ranks number five in the world for its number of record book muleys!

In addition to great mule deer hunting, this area is also home to a very healthy population of elk. We offer archery elk hunts from this camp, plus Shiras moose hunts for those fortunate enough to draw a Wyoming moose tag.

The country surrounding the Jackson Hole Outfitters camp is as rugged as it is beautiful. Our hunters enjoy spectacular mountain scenery as we use horses to access the steep terrain. Being in good physical condition is important, especially for trophy mule deer hunters.

For dates and pricing of our Jackson Hole Outfitters trips, please refer to Hunt 8 on the website. If you’d like a brochure, you can request a free copy. For availability or more specific details, please give us a call at 307-266-4229.

Here are some recent photos from the Jackson Hole Outfitters camp: