Hunting with SNS in the Years to Come

Hunting is seeing a huge resurgence in participation. This trend has excited the outfitter industry and we all find ourselves hoping it continues. With New Zealand, Africa, Europe and Canadian outfitters having to forgo their 2020 season, hunters looked to the west to satisfy their desire for adventure. Before the pandemic, many outfitters booked a year or two in advance. These days, with the increased stateside demand, traveling sportsmen are scrambling to secure their hunting opportunities in 2021, 2022 and beyond. SNS Outfitter & Guides phone calls and email volume has been at an unprecedented high volume this fall.

Mule deer hunts are, without a doubt, the hunt of which we have received the most inquiries. Wyoming mule deer hunting is a hot commodity. Wyoming is home to some of the wests finest mule deer hunting. SNS Outfitters offers mule deer hunting from the central Wyoming prairies to the 10,000 foot peaks in the Wyoming range in western Wyoming. Should a combination of mule deer and pronghorn antelope hunting be your interest, we suggest you plan ahead at least one year if not two years. Those of you investigating a Montana mule deer hunt, scheduling that a year ahead creates a window of opportunity to purchase a Montana preference point. Even just one Montana point will greatly increase your draw odds. Hunting Montana mule deer during their November rutting season is as good as it gets! 

Pronghorn antelope hunting is our biggest draw here at SNS Outfitter & Guides. We are proud to offer the widest selection of antelope hunts to be found. Antelope hunting in central Wyoming can’t be beat! Many hunt units can be drawn with no preference points at all. For the preference point savvy sportsperson, we have trophy hunts in areas that require multiple points to draw. One trip out west to the wind swept plains of Wyoming hunting antelope, and you will be hooked!

Right now, Wyoming elk hunting is as fine as it’s ever been! Years from now, this time frame may even be referred to as “The Good Ol’ Days”. Wyoming elk hunting takes lots of planning! Several years worth of Wyoming preference points will be needed to insure a draw in the areas SNS hunts. There are options however, while you accumulate those points. Cow elk licenses are easy to obtain and do not use your elk preference points. Why not fill your freezer with a Wyoming cow elk while you, build up points for that bull elk hunt?

The hunt requiring the most fore thought is Black Bear hunting in Western Wyoming. It is one of our favorites and licenses are available with no draw required. Individual cabins and home cooked meals delight bear camp guest and have made SNS Outfitter & Guides black bear hunts highly sought after! Additionally, this experience is a popular one with hunters who enjoy bringing a non hunter along. There are plenty of outdoor opportunities right at camp or in nearby surrounding areas. They Greys River has excellent fishing, scenery and wildlife viewing and more activities to entertain a non-hunter tag-a-long. We strongly recommend booking with us two to three years ahead to insure availability. 

As you have read, sportsmen and women have been flocking to secure their preferred hunting opportunities and dates at a pace that has outfitters booking well into the future. We have some windows of opportunity however, and cancellations do occur from time to time so don’t hesitate! Give our team a call to get your questions answered and get your trip booked.