Last Minute Physical Preparation for the 2018 Hunting Season

There is no question you need to be prepared physically before heading out for your western hunting trip. Western hunting tends to be tough both physically and mentally. You’re carrying a heavy pack and you’re spending early morning and late nights out in the field. You’ll experience drastic elevation and temperature changes while packing your gear through the high country. These Western hunts will require a different type of planning and conditioning routine than your usual daily activity, for most of us at least. With just a little over a month until the season opens here are four last minute training tips, at home workout suggestions, and recovery tips to help you be prepared for your trip west. 

  1. Cardiovascular exercise: You will need endurance. Start by exercising (biking, hiking, running, swimming) thirty to forty-five minutes 5-6 times per week to increase your lung capacity and strengthen your heart.
  2. Muscular exercise: You will need stamina. Meet a hunting (or just workouts) buddy at the gym and create a strength training program to prepare your body for carrying your and hunting pack.
  3. Healthy Diet: There is nothing more stressed in a training regimen than a well-balanced diet. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean protein. And of course, drink lots of water!
  4. Be active in the off-season: In the seasons to come we recommend that you stay active year-round. In the winter months take on skiing or indoor swimming, in the other months of the year keep up with hiking, biking, running, and simply being physically active outdoors.

Below are 5 recommended exercises to instill good balance, muscle control, and precision in your movement – vital qualities in a good hunter. If you start these exercises today, you’ll be feeling prepared for your western hunt. Similar to your cardio vascular preparation, we recommend that you stay consistent and include these movements 3 – 5 times per week.

  1. Bear Crawls, 10-20x 25 yards
  2. Tire Drags, distance varies
  3. Tire Flips, 5×10 reps
  4. Weighted Step-Ups, 5×10 per leg
  5. Burpees 3 x 10 reps

With these suggestions above we recommend that you check-in with your physician, these are simply suggestions and what has worked well in the past!  Now, get out there and be active because the season will be here before you know it! We hope that you’re looking forward to the season as much as we are!

If you have any questions about western hunting with SNS Outfitter and Guides you can contact us by clicking here or calling us at: 307.266.4229. You can also request a free brochure by clicking here.

Happy Hunting!