A Letter From A Hunter: Rich G.

Dear Sy,

Thank you for setting me up for such a memorable hunt. It was everything I had expected and more. Without a doubt, David Cardinal is a first-class guide and an equally standout person. I am forever grateful for our hunt, and I’ll chalk it up as one of the top experiences of my life.

On a rather windy day in Wyoming, David set out with me and his son, Devin. As we drove around looking for an antelope — one that David had previously scouted I couldn’t help but feel excited. Eventually, we spotted the antelope, about 600 yards away. We played cat-and-mouse with him, using the terrain and tall sage to camoflauge us. Finally, he chased a female antelope who was perched to our right, narrowing our distance to less than 300 yards. David asked me if I felt comfortable with the shot, thinking we might not get any closer to him. I knew my 30-06 150 grain bullet dropped 7” at 300 yards, so I aimed at the top of his back. With the wind blowing extremely hard, I kept moving, unsteadily, on David’s tripods. But, once I thought I was steady enough, I shot. While I missed the antelope, my shot came close enough to spook him. He began running right towards us, and David said, “Here he comes!” I reached up and dialed my scope off 12x down to 4x; then, David whistled, stopping the antelope directly in front of us, 90 yards away. I dropped him in his tracks.

Hunter Letter : Richard G

I couldn’t have been happier when we walked up on him. He was AWESOME. We gave each other a high five, hugged each other, and I thanked David for his scouting It truly paid off.  He scored 83 ⅜, and I am truly thankful that when I missed, he ran towards us. The old saying, “I’d rather be lucky than good,” was true that day.

David is an exceptional guide and truly knows what he is doing. David’s son, Devin, was also very helpful that day, constantly on the lookout and giving us information. It was great having him along! Devin will continue to be a resourceful guide with a good-natured personality.

Also Sy, when I met Ben Tillerson in your room at the hotel, we instantly hit it off. We talked about our hunts, football, and many things in life. He is a wonderful person and I enjoyed spending time with him. It was great. Tell him I said thanks.

Again, Sy, you run a first-class operation. Thank you very much. If (and when) I do future hunts, it will be with SNS, no doubt.

Sincerely Yours,

Rich G.

Martins Ferry, Ohio