Here’s to Mule Deer Hunting in Montana

Every avid deer hunter dreams of one day going out west and hunting mule deer. Unfortunately, a good mule deer hunt is getting harder and harder to find. Wyoming’s pronghorn antelope herds have been stable with some population swings due to winter weather. Our Wyoming elk numbers have seen huge increases, but mule deer numbers continue to decline. With that said however, you can still hunt the west’s majestic mule deer with SNS Outfitter and your best bet is our Montana Mule Deer Hunt. 

Our Montana hunts are an optimal opportunity for going mule deer hunting in 2024. Wyoming still offers some quality mule deer hunting, but licenses have become harder to draw and many areas require accumulating preference points. Montana licenses can be readily drawn thanks to the state capping hunters at a maximum of two points. One exception to this is if you are booked with a Montana outfitter which enables you to buy a third point, insuring a successful draw. 

The application period to buy a 2023 Montana Preference Point runs all the way until December 31st.

Montana mule deer hunting is primarily a November season which means hunting mature bucks during the rut. This is a very high success hunt and our harvest rate on buck mule deer has been a 100% almost every year for over 20 years. It’s a great time of year to head out west and experience an incredible and exciting hunt. 

We still have some openings for the 2024 season so don’t hesitate to give us a call. 1-307-266-4229 When you contact the SNS office, we can get you lined up for this fun and highly successful hunt. Check out our website for all the hunt details, dates and prices for SNS’ Montana Mule Deer Hunt!