Mule Deer Hunting Popularity and Planning Required

It’s booking season and as usual, the phones are busy. In recent years it seems we are receiving a higher than usual volume of phone calls and emails. One of our most often requested hunts is a Mule Deer Hunt. 

The Mule Deer is an iconic species and emblematic of western hunting. Hunters who cut their teeth on hunting Whitetail often dream of one day doing a western Mule Deer Hunt. Wyoming is often the state they think of first when it comes to Mule Deer Hunting. 

Of course nothing compliments hunting mule deer better than adding a Pronghorn Antelope to the menu for a combination hunt. It is a great feeling to pull the trigger on one species, yet not have the hunt come to an end.   

When it comes to western Mule Deer there is a multitude of problems. As a species, mule deer populations have been steadily declining across the entire west for several years. Despite the best efforts of wildlife managers to understand and correct management, predation, and habitat issues, their populations continue to plummet. This has caused many hunters calling to arrange that dream Mule Deer Hunt to often find no availability for the upcoming season. With no declining interest in Mule Deer Hunting you can expect hunts to be sold further into the future. 

As demand continues to increase and Mule Deer populations decrease, licenses have  become harder to draw. My best advice is to plan on booking early, maybe as much as 2 to 3 years ahead of time. Planning well into the future will allow time to purchase Wyoming Deer preference points as well as securing a spot on our calendar. 

Our Montana Mule Deer hunt is another option you will likely want to consider. Although not what they used to be, the Mule Deer populations in southeastern Montana are still robust. The Montana license draw system guarantees being able to draw a license within two years of planning. In other words, if you book a 2024 Montana Mule Deer Hunt now, you can rest assured you will be successful drawing a tag. 

If you are interested in booking a mule deer hunt with SNS Outfitter & Guides, please give us a call at (307) 266-4229 or drop an email to Don’t let your dream of hunting this iconic symbol of western hunting slip away.