Then and Now: A Big Thanks to All Who Have Hunted with SNS

It’s hard to believe that we’ve wrapped up our 40th season here at SNS—time flies. It’s been another year of outstanding trophies, unforgettable memories, and first time hunters. We are thankful for all of the hunters who chose to experience their Wyoming (or Montana) hunts with us. SNS Outfitter

As usual, we kicked off our 2017 season at the Box Y Lodge in the Grey’s River Valley. The Spring Bear hunts are a favorite of ours. As expected, the bears are slowly withdrawing from their hibernation, and there is typically still snow on the ground. This makes for an anticipatory hunt, both for the hunter and the guide. Our Spring Bear hunts also begin at the perfect time: we’re typically getting antsy for hunting season, and this relinquishes our hunting fever (at least until the fall)!Spring Bear

Every year, as the leaves begin to change, the meat of our hunting season begins. Between the memories that will be made, the stories that will be told, andof coursethe animals that our hunters will go home with, SNS is proud to offer a unique hunting experience. Year after year, some things simply stand the test of time: the smile on our clients’ faces as they head out for a hunt, the memories they come back to share, and the pride they feel. This season, we had first time hunters on our antelope and elk hunts; we truly love seeing the hunt through their eyes. And, of course, we had veteran hunters and returning clientsa true testament to the experience we offer.

Finally, we wrapped up our hunting season with our Montana Deer hunts, hunt 11, on November 19th. This makes for a long season, but it’s totally worth it! So, thanks again to all who hunted with us this year, as well as the previous 40 seasons! Last Hunt

As a quick reminder for you, the Wyoming Elk application deadline is January 31st. Please contact us with any questions you may have. You can request a brochure here.