Prairie Dog Hunting with SNS

Have you ever considered a prairie dog shoot with your friends or family? A dog shoot is a great way to spend some quality time outdoors and try your hand at long shots on small targets. It is always a good time! 

SNS Outfitter & Guides used to take a number of groups out hunting prairie dogs each year. Several years ago, however, Wyoming experienced a significant die off when the plague hit prairie dog towns. It’s been a slow recovery, but the last couple of years we have seen them repopulating and the numbers are back. Therefore, we are excited to offer this good time hunt once again to a select few groups. 

The best time to experience a prairie dog shoot is from mid June through July. The reason for this is simple; great weather! This time frame generally means Wyoming is beyond unpredictable spring weather.

Prairie dogs are most active on warm or hot days with plenty of sunshine. Overcast skies bring about much slower activity. Prairie dogs detect incoming predators, such as raptors, by watching for their shadows as they fly overhead. The crisp chirp sound that they make is a warning to the rest of their colony that danger is in the air. Warmer temps will have the entire colony out feeding and building their mounds. 


SNS’ prairie dog hunts are fully guided. We provide you and your group with shooting benches, sand bags, chairs, field lunches and drinks. These hunts will take place from Casper, Wyoming or from a few of our select hunting camps.

In order to maintain quality shooting and future prairie dogs hunts, we are taking a very limited number of hunters this year. If you think a prairie dog shoot sounds like just the right thing for you and your buddies this summer, please be sure you contact our office and get on the list right away. We would be happy to share more details with you when you contact us at 1-307-266-4229 or email your inquiries to SNS Outfitter, Sy at